Music Review: Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House (2015)

Release: 16 October 2015
Release: 16 October 2015

Just two months after the release of Depression Cherry, Beach House is at again. Before you get too excited, you should note that this is a little departure from Depression Cherry. For me Depression Cherry is a surefire future classic, but for Thank Your Lucky Stars I’m a bit disappointed. It is a good album, as good as any of their previous releases, but much like their other releases, it is largely forgettable. Depression Cherry was something unique for them. It was great from track 1 to track 9, and each track was recognizable for its own merits. Thank Your Lucky Stars feels like a collection of tracks that weren’t quite good enough to make Depression Cherry. The close release date of the two albums gives a bit of credence to this theory. The band states that the two albums were written separately, one after another. Regardless of the writing process Thank Your Lucky Stars just isn’t as good. Many people will likely disagree with me, but that’s the nature of music reviews.

I want to establish that I do enjoy quite a bit of Thank Your Lucky Stars. Beach House has produced some fantastic tracks here. I find 3 or 4 very memorable songs, much like I did for Teen Dream and Bloom. I might even argue the biggest problem with Thank Your Lucky Stars is its incredibly mediocre beginning, but around track 4 it really gets going. Track 3 proves an improvement to the boring opening tracks and then track 4 hits it out of the park. It dips again in the middle and has some impressive tracks near the end.

Notable Tracks:

“All Your Yeahs” – Track 3 starts off with an addictive little guitar riff and some sleepy shoegaze vocals but builds into something quite beautiful and bit more rock based. The lyrics are quite memorable and seem to fit a beautiful contrast to the instrumentation. “All Your Yeahs” isn’t the albums highlight, but it is a strong addition.

“One Thing” – Another track reliant on more rock inspired instrumentation. “One Thing” is a contender of top track from the album. It is definitely a must listen. It features some of Beach Houses best lyrics and vocals. It would make for a nice addition to any future Best Of releases.

“Elegy To The Void” – Track 7 is unique track for Beach House. It sounds vaguely electronic with Victoria Legrand’s signature vocals. Something about the atmosphere of the track makes it incredibly memorable. It isn’t the strongest Beach House track but in the context of Thank Your Lucky Stars it really stands out.

“Rough Song” – Track 8 feels a lot like a call back to Teen Dream. Despite it sounding a bit like a re-hash of past work, it is possibly better than anything I’ve found on Teen Dream. It establishes that Beach House still has some great tracks in them, but maybe not enough to make an album as phenomenal as Depression Cherry.

Overall it is a decent album. I enjoy listening to it from start to finish, but I find most of what I listened to forgettable. It is an album that will probably have me coming back again and again, but with an increasingly heavy finger on the skip button. I think everyone should give “One Thing” and “Rough Song” a listen, but if they don’t work for you I wouldn’t expect much more from the album. It is consistently enjoyable, if not memorable, so Shoegaze and Dream Pop lovers should give it a spin. It has enough to keep me coming back, and maybe with time the ones I’ve forgot will grow on me. Despite its flaws I’d still give it a 4 out 5 stars.


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